Many years were spent painting realism in oils before making the change to oriental brush painting. Studying martial arts/Tai Chi’ for years inspired me to try this medium, which I fell in love with right away. The calming effect of grinding the ink before painting, the energy that is put into throwing ink on paper is just the greatest of pleasures that only this style of art allows me to feel.

While growing up in the country in Tennessee all my spare time was spent walking in the woods searching out bugs, plants and anything else that was alive. Those childhood days spent with nature is brought alive every time I put a brush stroke down on paper. All of my paintings are derived from nature resulting in a fresh, lively artwork.

You will surround yourself with paintings that are from the very simple, elegant brush stroke of the bamboo orchid to the complicated soothing landscapes that your eyes can take a journey up into the mountains and off into the mist before returning home.

Subtlety of a good painting lies in its being alike and yet unlike the subject where the absence of content can itself create rhythm and variety.

I believe that an artist is a person who can see something within the mind that can be brought into reality where it can be seen, felt, touched, heard, and even sometimes smelled.