My art is “food for the soul”. I am an International/National award winning professional artist and instructor in the Northern VA area.  Creating a painting on rice paper using ink and Chinese mineral colors is the ultimate pleasure for me.  The Lingnan style of art is often called oriental brush painting which includes China, Japan, and Korea.  Later this style of art moved across Europe then to USA.

I would consider myself a purest that sticks to the traditional methods using powdered permanent mineral colors that I mix with glue and water before grinding to a smooth consistency.  The results are a very soft, serene, even a dreamy look that only natural minerals will produce on the hand made acid free rice paper.

Some of my paintings will be very simple; showing elegant brush strokes of the grass orchid to the complicated soothing landscapes that your eyes can take a journey up into the mountains and off into the mist before returning home while others will be more complete with a colored background.

Nature is my inspiration. Whatever is blooming at the moment will be the subject that I will paint. During the fall it will be the beautiful colors of autumn leaves.  During the winter will be snow on bamboo or pine.  Nature always provides.

My goal is to engage you the viewer in a painting.  Lead you into the art so that your eyes can take a journey into the painting and make discoveries.  Maybe it will be a hidden insect or bird?

When all is said and done; all I want to do is create art that is easy to live with and that makes you happy.

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