Darlene’s Interest
When Darlene isn’t painting you may find her hosting Chinese Tea Tastings, Gong Fu Style in her studio. She explains, “This ceremonial tea drinking style is meant to focus one’s attention and relax the mind and spirit in a convivial, shared experience. Darlene will receive the positive energy through her guest and will return that positive energy during her tea tastings.  Guests are served sometimes up to 10 different Premium or Estate Teas that come from around the world. They learn how the tea is harvested, what makes tea green or black, and the many health benefits of tea. For example, Pu-erh has been medically proven to lower cholesterol.”

Darlene also plays the violin with the Hollin Hall Band. The band has over 20 different instruments. They perform as a community service at local nursing homes, children’s programs, as well as other venues.

If those two things were not enough, Darlene teaches and practices Tai Chi.

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