Oriental Art Workshop

Next week I am seriously advertising for my oriental art workshop for August 14-19, 2017. Alexandria, VA I only have space for 5 students left to fill. Great response so far. If you are interested please go to www.darlenekaplan.com click … Read More

New Oriental Brush Painting session

Next 6 weeks session in oriental brush painting classes start March 2-April 7.  To register please go to www.darlenekaplan.com. Classes are taught by International/National award winning artist, Darlene Kaplan in Soft Brush Studio at 4609 Franconia Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310 … Read More

Greetings from Soft Brush Studio

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. May your lights stay bright and your brush stay wet. Just wanted to pass on the 6 weeks schedule for my next oriental brush painting session. It starts on Jan. 5th, 2017. For information if … Read More

2017 Oriental Painting Workshop

2017 Oriental Painting Workshop: 6 day oriental brush painting workshop 2017 taught by InternationalNational award winning artist Darlene Kaplan. Lunch included. Please go to www.darlenekaplan.com for application. Space is limited fi

Fall session in oriental brush painting classes

Fall session in oriental brush painting classes start November 3rd taught by International/National award winning artist Darlene Kaplan in Alexandria, VA. Please go to www.darlenekaplan.com to register.

Chinese Calligraphy Class

Today was day three of Chinese Calligraphy School at Wei Hwa Chinese School in Burke, VA. This is really harder than it looks. Here is a sample of my hard work today. Be kind, it is only my 3rd day,lol. … Read More

Fall Session Oriental Brush Painting

Fall session in oriental brush painting classes start soon. Register early to reserve your space. Go to www.darlenekaplan.com for details and application form. Hope to see you in class.  

First Day of School

Today was the first day of School for my Chinese characters study.  Struggling thru the lesson but trying really hard.  Here is my today’s effort. It is the start of a poem. www.darlenekaplan.com  

Workshop by Henry Wo and postcard by Raggedy Bird

Day 2 of Henry Wo’s Chinese brush painting workshop that I am attending. He is a Master in Lingnan style. Very successful teacher and his art is out of this world. 3 more days to go until next year. Arrived … Read More

Oriental Brush Painting Workshop Lesson Plan

I am so excited about the 6 Day Oriental Brush Painting Workshop August 15-20th. I have almost finished the samples of subjects that I will be teaching. Lots of preparation for the workshop but I just dearly love to teach … Read More

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